Honey, dew you love me?


Honeydew Shake is among our ALL TIME most popular flavor ordered at Pochi! In fact, it’s in our Top 10 List and have consistently been there so we know it’s a good flavor to suggest to you!

Honeydew (1).png

Did you know that honeydew is one of our favorite fruits to cut?

We cut up fresh honeydew to add in to your honeydew drinks! They happen to be one of our favorite fruits to cut because they are a no-nonsense and easy fruit to cut!


  • Honeydew Peach

  • Honeydew Lychee

  • Honeydew Mango

  • Honeydew Coconut Banana

  • Honeydew Pineapple Coconut

  • Honeydew Pear

  • Honeydew Kiwi

  • Honeydew Matcha

  • Honewdew Pineapple

Honeydew Milk Tea w/Green Apple Jelly

Honeydew Milk Tea w/Green Apple Jelly

Honeydew Kiwi

Honeydew Kiwi

Honeydew Pear w/Boba and Taro Pudding

Honeydew Pear w/Boba and Taro Pudding

We make our Honeydew Shakes with a Honeydew Flavoring (Powder Based) and add in real honeydew fruit!

We will soon have available Honeydew Syrup! YOU heard it here first!

This will be especially exciting for those who would like to have Honeydew as a Slush and not as a Shake! (For more info about the difference between a Slush and Shake HERE) We currently do not serve Honeydew as an iced tea, so having the syrup will allow us to do so!!

So exciting and a lot more bubble tea deliciousness to choose from!

This is our 6th week posting flavor combinations. We hope you’re enjoying it as much as we’ve had in putting these all together for you. We hope these posts each week has inspired you to venture out of your comfort zone and try a new flavor. Or come up with a concoction of your own!

Let us know what you think or let us know what you want to see more of on the blog! Comment below or DM us on Instagram!