We get all kinds of reactions when people find out about our Avocado drinks! Some people ask if we use REAL avocados or avocado powder. Others give us a strange look and ask if it tastes any good. I love explaining our Avocado Drinks because we DO use real avocados and YES, it is totally yummy!!

The fresh avocado makes our shakes super creamy and smooth. It blends well with other flavors as well. And if you’re still hesitant to try, Avocado Chocolate Shakes are among our Top 10 Drinks of ALL TIME! A regular avocado shake is my personal fave when I’m looking for a filling drink or light snack to hold me over between meals!


  • Avocado Mango

  • Avocado Strawberry

  • Avocado Banana

  • Avocado Banana w/Ice Cream blended

  • Avocado Mocha

  • Avocado Matcha

  • Avocado w/Cold Brew

  • Avocado Caramel

  • “Chocolate Pudding” - Avocado with Chocolate Flavoring

  • Avocado Orange Creamsicle


Pochi's 5 Summertime Bubble Tea Faves

Take advantage of the rest of Summer with a few of our favorite Summer drinks! 

                 F R E S H   W A T E R M E L O N

                 F R E S H   W A T E R M E L O N

2. Tropical Cooler – This is your fruit milk tea with a twist! Pick one or two fruit flavors. Decide if you would like any tea. Totally optional, but we do have green tea, black tea and oolong tea! We will make your Tropical Cooler with your chosen flavors/tea and top it off with Silk Coconut Milk. Don’t forget to shake this drink up when you get it! Such a light and tropical drink!

3. Blue Hawaiian – While we’re on the topic of tropical, this one is a classic! Pineapple and coconut combined with Blue Curacao syrup! Great with any of our popping bobas or flavored jellies!

4. Fruity Pebbles – Taro, Orange and ice cream come together to give you a reminder of childhood favorite! Topped off with actual Fruity Pebbles too.

1. Watermelon Icy Slush – We only carry fresh watermelon in the Summer! This is our go-to summer drink, especially on a hot day! It is thirst-quenching and oh-so refreshing! Pair it with Aloe Jelly or one of our popping bobas. Once Summer is over, we’ll have to say our goodbyes to fresh watermelon and hello to watermelon syrup.


            T R O P I C A L     C O O L E R

            T R O P I C A L     C O O L E R

                 B L U E    H A W A I I A N

                 B L U E    H A W A I I A N

5. Avocado Shake – Yes, that’s right! Last but definitely not least, our.... A V O C A D O ! We use FRESH avocado which can scare some people! We promise, it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking a vegetable. It’s actually incredibly smooth and creamy in texture.

PS. These are just a few of our faves! Did you know you can blend ice cream to any of drinks! It makes any drink super creamy and decadent!


(You heard it here first! Stay tuned and watch out for some exciting news and events in the next coming weeks! Can't wait to share with you all!)