We get all kinds of reactions when people find out about our Avocado drinks! Some people ask if we use REAL avocados or avocado powder. Others give us a strange look and ask if it tastes any good. I love explaining our Avocado Drinks because we DO use real avocados and YES, it is totally yummy!!

The fresh avocado makes our shakes super creamy and smooth. It blends well with other flavors as well. And if you’re still hesitant to try, Avocado Chocolate Shakes are among our Top 10 Drinks of ALL TIME! A regular avocado shake is my personal fave when I’m looking for a filling drink or light snack to hold me over between meals!


  • Avocado Mango

  • Avocado Strawberry

  • Avocado Banana

  • Avocado Banana w/Ice Cream blended

  • Avocado Mocha

  • Avocado Matcha

  • Avocado w/Cold Brew

  • Avocado Caramel

  • “Chocolate Pudding” - Avocado with Chocolate Flavoring

  • Avocado Orange Creamsicle





We add in real mangoes into ALL of our blended mango drinks!


  • Mango Passion

  • Banana Mango

  • Strawberry Mango Banana

  • Mango Green Tea

  • Mango Black Tea

  • Peach Mango Tropical Cooler

  • Mango w/Ice Cream Blended

  • Mango Kiwi

  • Mango Coconut

  • Taro Mango

  • Mango Lemon




Did you know? 

Our coffee drinks are made with a coffee flavored powder. There is no caffeine in it, which is a pleasant surprise for many who crave the flavor but not the caffeine kick. 

Mocha Shake, 2 shots of Cold Brew, Boba

Mocha Shake, 2 shots of Cold Brew, Boba


  • Coffee Coconut

  • Coffee Almond

  • Coffee Almond Coconut

  • Mocha Coconut

  • Coffee Banana

  • Caramel Coffee w/Ice Cream Blended

  • Coffee Milk Tea

  • Coffee Lavender

  • Coffee w/Oreos Blended


For those who WANT the CAFFEINE, we are very excited to announce that we will be offering COLD BREW as an Add-On to drinks! You will have the option of adding 1 or 2 shots of cold brew to any of your bubble tea. 

We are very intentional on what we decide to offer as every new item may affect various facets of how we operate. Our specialty is BUBBLE TEA. We are and will always focus on offering awesome bubble tea for you! As cool as it would be to offer iced/hot coffee, it just isn't what we do best. We do bubble tea best and that's our biggest commitment to you.

Coffee Shake w/2 shots of Cold Brew. Coffee Jelly.

Coffee Shake w/2 shots of Cold Brew. Coffee Jelly.

Coffee Milk Tea w/2 shots of Cold Brew

Coffee Milk Tea w/2 shots of Cold Brew

FAQ: What is Taro?

One of our most popular bubble teas is Taro. Anything with Taro is very popular, in fact, but what is it exactly?

Photo from

Photo from

Taro root is from the tropical, taro plant (Colocasia esculenta). It is believed to be native to Southern India and Southeast Asia, however it is widely cultivated in other parts of the world as well. It has been a staple in many different cultures for thousands of years as it is also believed to be one of the earliest cultivated plants.

Taro Root and its plant leaves are toxic when raw. Once cooked, they are safe to consume and has a similar consistency/texture to potatoes. The flavors of taro are described to be very earthy and nutty. Taro also has some light purple coloring in its flesh, which is why most Taro Bubble Tea drinks are purple in color. There are so many ways to prepare and use Taro though. It is great in desserts or cooked similar to a potato.


Taro Milk Tea

Taro Milk Tea

  1. Taro-Oreo
  2. Taro
  3. Taro Strawberry
  4. Taro Banana
  5. Taro Coconut
  6. Pochi’s “Fruity Pebbles” Drink
  7. Taro Red Bean
Taro Oreo Shake

Taro Oreo Shake

Pochi's 5 Summertime Bubble Tea Faves

Take advantage of the rest of Summer with a few of our favorite Summer drinks! 

                 F R E S H   W A T E R M E L O N

                 F R E S H   W A T E R M E L O N

2. Tropical Cooler – This is your fruit milk tea with a twist! Pick one or two fruit flavors. Decide if you would like any tea. Totally optional, but we do have green tea, black tea and oolong tea! We will make your Tropical Cooler with your chosen flavors/tea and top it off with Silk Coconut Milk. Don’t forget to shake this drink up when you get it! Such a light and tropical drink!

3. Blue Hawaiian – While we’re on the topic of tropical, this one is a classic! Pineapple and coconut combined with Blue Curacao syrup! Great with any of our popping bobas or flavored jellies!

4. Fruity Pebbles – Taro, Orange and ice cream come together to give you a reminder of childhood favorite! Topped off with actual Fruity Pebbles too.

1. Watermelon Icy Slush – We only carry fresh watermelon in the Summer! This is our go-to summer drink, especially on a hot day! It is thirst-quenching and oh-so refreshing! Pair it with Aloe Jelly or one of our popping bobas. Once Summer is over, we’ll have to say our goodbyes to fresh watermelon and hello to watermelon syrup.


            T R O P I C A L     C O O L E R

            T R O P I C A L     C O O L E R

                 B L U E    H A W A I I A N

                 B L U E    H A W A I I A N

5. Avocado Shake – Yes, that’s right! Last but definitely not least, our.... A V O C A D O ! We use FRESH avocado which can scare some people! We promise, it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking a vegetable. It’s actually incredibly smooth and creamy in texture.

PS. These are just a few of our faves! Did you know you can blend ice cream to any of drinks! It makes any drink super creamy and decadent!


(You heard it here first! Stay tuned and watch out for some exciting news and events in the next coming weeks! Can't wait to share with you all!)

Making Memories + Instagram Winners

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Some of our favorite memories have been catching up with an old friend over bubble tea. Most of the time, it's just goofing around with our crew. Like nights where the whole crew starts singing!

What's your favorite memory at Pochi?

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What is Bubble Tea?


Did you know Bubble Tea received its name from the bubbles that formed on top after the tea has been shaken to mix all the ingredients together?

Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan and consists mainly of milk teas. Here at Pochi, we actually expanded our definition of Bubble Tea! It's not just milk teas!

BUBBLE TEA, to us, is ANY drink with ANY topping(s) of your choosing. 

We have 4 different TYPES. Many of you ask us what the differences are. 

Hope this clarifies it a bit! We have Milk Teas, Iced Teas, Icy Slushes and Creamy Shakes.

Iced Teas are, simply put, your flavored Iced Teas. Peach Green Tea or Passionfruit Green Tea are two of our most popular teas!

Milk Teas are teas or flavored drinks with a non-dairy creamer base. The non-dairy creamer gives it its "milky" consistency. Not all milk teas have actual tea in it although you can always request that it does! Some do contain actual milk. However, like any drink on the menu, we have dairy-free alternatives as well. Our Original Milk Tea (Black Milk Tea) is the most popular of Milk Teas!

We refer to Smoothies as Icy Slushes. Think ICY and SLUSH, even SNOW. Icy Slushes are frozen blended drinks and are typically fruit flavored! Strawberry Mango Icy Slush or Mango Pineapple Icy Slush are among the many combinations of slushes!

Creamy Shakes to little surprise is creamy in texture and consistency. They are similar to milkshakes. We do not say they are milkshakes, because we do not always make them with milk.  Like our Milk Teas, they are non-dairy creamer based but some drinks do contain actual milk. Unlike the Milk Teas, Creamy Shakes are blended. Examples of Creamy Shakes are Taro, Tareo (Taro and Oreo), Matcha and Honeydew. 

Most of our drinks are non-dairy as we use a non-dairy creamer. However, we understand that some are sensitive to ingredients in the non-dairy creamer as well. Any drink may be made with Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk or just Water as dairy substitutes. Alternative dairy options do affect the consistency of the drinks. Often times they have a lighter consistency and texture than the non-dairy creamer. Something to keep in mind when ordering.

We also have LOTS of options for TOPPINGS. Toppings go on the bottom of bubble tea drinks. Tapioca Pearls or Boba are what most people typically think of when they think bubble tea. We have 23 options for Toppings!! 

We are redefining what Bubble Tea is and what it means to us so we can better serve our customers. Bubble Tea is any drink with any topping of your choosing. But, it is also more than that. It is the joy you feel from catching up with a friend or family member over some delicious bubble tea made your way. 

What's your favorite combination?