Cantaloupe please!

This week’s focus is on CANTALOUPE. Now this is a flavor that is most popular on its own. The Top 5 would consist of Cantaloupe Slush, Cantaloupe Shake, Cantaloupe Green Tea, Cantaloupe Black Tea or Cantaloupe Milk Tea! SO basically, everything Cantaloupe!


For the adventurers, here are a few ideas on what to mix in with Cantaloupe! We like mixing other melons with Cantaloupe!

  • Cantaloupe Honeydew

  • Cantaloupe Orange

  • Cantaloupe Peach

  • Cantaloupe Watermelon (Definitely a must-try in the summer when we have fresh watermelon!)

  • Cantaloupe Mango

  • Cantaloupe Apple

  • Cantaloupe Kiwi

  • Cantaloupe Guava Pear

  • Cantaloupe Pear

  • Cantaloupe Papaya