We just hit 5K on Instagram!!!

Congratulations Pochi Fam, we made it to 5,000 followers on Instagram!

You are all SO amazing!! We are astonished and so humbled by the amount of support and love we receive from you every single day, whether it is in person or on social media.

There’s no better way to give back to you than a fun giveaway! We know you loooove those and we couldn’t resist! So, if you haven’t already entered, you should go on Instagram and do that right now! Plus, this one is a special one. Let me tell you why.

My name is Malyn. I am one of the current owners and the Store Manager at Pochi. When we took over Pochi about 3 years ago, my business partners and I knew that THIS bubble tea shop could be something much more than just serving bubble tea. And we were right!

You have heard us say it before, but Pochi is great hang out spot. It is a place for making memories and sharing good times with friends and family. It is a safe place where everyone is welcomed. It is a place to be yourself. It is a second home. You are family when you are in here.

(I mean, have you been in Pochi when there’s a birthday and everyone in the WHOLE store is singing Happy Birthday to the birthday person?! It’s unbelievable!)

This is part of the reason why Pochi means so much to me and why the work we do feels like so much more than just bubble tea. I believe in everything Pochi stands for. I also believe in supporting one another and providing that support whenever we can. As a woman, I also believe in empowering other women.

So this giveaway is dedicated to the strong women out there who have shown their love and support for Pochi. The ladies who have encouraged kindness and have spread positive vibes to all around them. To the ladies who are going after their goals and doing big things. And to the ones who need a little extra support, we got you.

Thank you for all that you are and for everything you do.


I first met Crystal, the beautiful cat lady of the Fancy Cat Studio, when I attended her calligraphy workshop in Seattle! After talking about our work, I found out she was actually a customer of Pochi’s. So crazy! She is so talented and is a super down-to-earth person to top it off. I also love supporting women and I love supporting small, local businesses. These cards are so adorable!! Also, stop by Pochi AFTER the giveaway ends (11/25) and maybe you’ll catch some of her work on YOUR bubble tea cup!!



Our bracelets were from this nice girl gang, the Little Words Project.

I met the founder of this company at a conference called Create Cultivate. She was one of the mentors I had when attending the conference. This is where I first heard her story and mission. After the conference, I have kept in touch and have followed her company’s journey through social media.

You wear a bracelet that has a “word” or phrase that means something to you. Once you’re ready, you pass on the bracelet to someone else who needs it more. So Pochi Fam, our word is “Pochi”. If you’re wearing our bracelet, just know that this means you will always be a part of the fam with us. Plus, each word has a tracking code where you can share your story and the next girl who receives the bracelet can see where it’s been.

It is such an inspirational company and the world needs more kindness! Learn more about them HERE!



I chose the “Be Kind"“ bag not only because it is a great, functional bag, but because of the mission behind the collaborating organizations. They seek to empower women and take a stand against bullying.

The “Be Kind” bag is a collaboration between the Little Market and the Kind Campaign. The Little Market is a “non-profit founded by women to empower women” which is already pretty awesome. Their products are all so cute and make great gifts! The Kind Campaign is also a nonprofit organization. Their organization brings attention to the girl-against-girl bullying.


Pochi is not a women founded or all women ran business. My business partners are both male. Half of our team consists of males as well. This doesn’t mean we can’t support women, because we absolutely do! I sure do!

Thank you all again for continuing to support Pochi in all that we do! It means the world to us to have such loyal and kind supporters. We couldn’t do this without our Pochi Fam!

Now if you still haven’t entered into the giveaway, go enter!

I realize that this giveaway doesn’t exactly scream out to our male audience and customers. This giveaway is still for you men out there though! It’s all about giving back so who are the women in YOUR lives that mean a lot to you. Who are the ladies that deserve a kind gesture? Tag them in the giveaway!

Much Love Pochi Fam.